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PufferTouch2+ Digital Projector Technology

Open up new possibilities in storytelling!   Fuel conversation around a unique digital campfire!  Make virtual reality a shared experience!

PufferTouch 2+ represents our brightest and most powerful
system to date.  With its multi-touch screen and interactive
applications, this robust 4K system offers unparalleled image
quality and performance.

The easy to deploy, streamlined assembly comes housed in a
striking Corian® enclosure and is preloaded with a package of
ready-to-use applications, so you can be up and running in

As with PufferTouch 2, you can incorporate multiple styles and
themes, from 360° video to layered interactive journeys, to tell
the most compelling and engaging story on an interactive display
unlike any other.

• Full 4K Ultra Bright Screen
• Bundled set of applications
• Multi-touch screen control
• Full Network Support
• Integrated Audio

Each PufferTouch display comes supplied
with a bundled set of applications
empowering you to create engaging
interactive experiences.

Whether it’s getting up and running on our
out-of-the-box software package, guided
support, custom integrations or motion
graphics design, our award-winning team
have unrivalled expertise in designing and
developing for our displays and are here to
help you get it right.

Projector technology is evolving rapidly, and most recently the
biggest shift has been away from lamp-based light engines
towards cutting-edge laser-based solutions.

Our PufferTouch 2 badge represents a significant uplift of the
operational hours a projector can be expected to perform
without requiring new lamps.

Running times of up to 40,000 hours+ are now achievable
dependant on mode of operation.
Longer service intervals and lower frequency of maintenance
offer cost of ownership benefit to any permanently installed
projection technology.

Pufferfish are proud to work closely with a number of the
world’s premier projector manufacturers, harnessing the latest
developments for maximum performance.

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