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Marketing Graphics

At Project Tradeshow when it comes to creating custom visuals and graphics for your company’s marketing campaign, the options are endless– your imagination is really the only limit on what you can create for your brand!

Brand guidelines are incredibly helpful to your graphic designer, whether you have an in-house professional or are working with an external agency like Project Tradeshow. Especially when first launching your business, work closely with the graphic designer to create a logo, choose colors, fonts and more. Though they may seem like small details, colors and fonts can have a large impact on how your brand is viewed and how your display looks and works.
Project Tradeshow uses the latest technology, like 4K Print Technology, Smart LED, to offer many mediums for your Marketing and Tradeshow Graphic Designs while adhering to your Branding guidelines, color and fonts.

If you don’t have a Design team, we certainly do! Our conceptual design service ($125 per hour) can take your messaging from concept to finished art very quickly, while helping you develop a bank of art for future campaigns. Everything from Logo Design, to full-on Display and Exhibits design, we’ll help you bring your space to life. After all, if you don’t look good, we don’t look good!

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